An Awesomifier for Headphones
  • Powerful amplifier
  • Audiophile-grade DAC
  • Real 3D Sound
  • Two headphone jacks
What it is:
A super high-end audio component. It decodes and amplifies your digital audio so your rad headphones can really sing. High performance isn't just for audiophiles anymore.
What it isn’t:
Mumbo jumbo. Nor is it hocus pocus. Geek speaks audiophilese so you don't have to. It's simply the best sounding awesomifier you'll ever own.
Express yourself
Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, Geek comes in five different colors.
Geek was co-created by audiophile, Gavin Fish.
After years of listening to music through headphones connected to my laptop, I was fed up with the lack of quality I was getting. And I hated that if I was in a crowded place, I couldn't hear anything. After planning for almost a year, I launched Geek on Kickstarter. Within 30 days my project received over $300,000 in pledges! Because of the support I got, I've been able to make Geek a reality and offer it to you.

Geek Project